Generator Mobile Power Distribution Panel / Hanger

200 Amp Three Phase 120/208Volt

Input: (5) Series 16 Cam-Devices, Phase color coded with (5) clear snapback covers

Output: (10) 50A 125/250V California Style Receptacles with weatherproof snapback covers

Branch Circuit Protection: (10) 50 Amp two pole breakers.

Enclosure is a all welded Aluminum enclosure with Hinged removal front door with viewing window to check breaker status. Enclosure is fully gasketed, powder coated, with hooks to hang from the Generator or feet for free standing.

This Distribution Panel can be used to connect directly from the Generator to downstream distribution panels or any Three Phase WYE 120/208 volt power source. Panel is built to UL 1640 Specifications.

Dimensions:   17”H x 21”W x 10”D

Overall Dimensions: 27”H x 22”W x 13”D

Weight: 60 pounds

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