Rubber Generator Portable Power Distribution Unit

This Generator Distro has an enclosure that is rubber, non-conductive and operationally stackable (able to be stacked because the breakers are located on the side of the unit and not under the lid).  A larger base footprint (12″X12″) adds stability when using 6/4 type cable or SOOW cable.

Specifications: Input 50A 125/250V 3P/4W (2H, N, Grd) Twist Lock Hubbell CS6375L.  Output 50A 125/250V 3P/4W (2H, N, Grd) Twist Lock Hubbell CS6369L and (6) 20A 125V 2P/3W (1H, N, Grd) Straight Blade Duplex Receptacles with Snap Back Covers.  Over Current Protection: (6) 20A Single Pole Din Rail Branch Circuit Protection Breakers under window.

Dimensions: 12.5″ W x 12.5″ L x 13″ H (including base).  Weight is 24 pounds

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