“Sam Box II – (L21-20)”

The All New “Sam Box II” is a Non-Conductive Electrical Power Distribution Assembly / Patent Pending Design.  The “SamBox” is a Hybrid Design that combines all of the benefits of Kydex and Extruded Aluminum.  Kydex meets all UL VO94 ratings and is very durable and high impact resistant – used in tactical holsters, airplane interiors and buses.  The top and base are fastened with twenty-four screws and the walls are fastened via six screws with nylon lock-nuts.  This distro uses all Hubbell devices and one individual distribution block (no large ring crimped terminals) and a horizontal line to prevent accidental damage during transportation or usage.  The “Sambox” line is built to a UL 164- standard and is patent pending.

Specifications: Input: (5) Series 16 Cam Hubbell Receptacles; Output: (6) NEMA L21-20A 120/208V 4P/5W; Over Current Protection: (18) 20A Single Pole Breakers.

Dimensions: 12.75″ L x 12.75 W x 9.6″ H  Weight 26# Outdoor Rated

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