Designed Systems DS-200-C-Eac30-Eaa30-Cab50


(5) Male Series 16 Cam-Lock Devices



(4) 50A 125/250V 3P/4W Receptacles

(5) 20A 120/208V NEMA L21-20

(6) 30A 125V 2P/3W NEMA L5-30

(1) 20A 125V 2P/3W NEMA 5-20 Duplex Receptacle


Over Current Protection:

(4) 50A 2P, (6) 30A SP and (16) 20A SP Branch Circuit Protection Breakers

-LLDPE Non-Conductive Rubber Enclosure with Built-In Carry Handles

-Phase Voltage Meters

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