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Tradeshow Boothstringer 1     Product Specification  12/5-30’ Standard Boothstringer: 20A 30’ on 12/5 cable with 3 Boothstringer boxes—each with (2) phase color-coded NEMA 5-20 receptacles. Box spacing is on ten foot centers with L21-20 Plug and Connector ends *Note: These Boothstringer Enclosures are proprietary to Temporary...

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Standard Doghouse

Tradeshow Doghouse 02   Product Specifications  TPD-Doghouse DHP PT: Polycarbonate enclosure with 20A twist-lock NEMA L21-20 Inlet, (3) NEMA 5-20 phase-color coded duplex receptacles and a 20A twist-lock NEMA L21-20 pass-thru receptacle *Note: These Doghouse Enclosures are proprietary to Temporary Power by Design -Dimensions 8x5x4 -Weight 4...

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